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Sambaddha means connected/ connection in Sanskrit


This is the first structured somatic and embodiment practice that works with nervous system regulation.

It takes you on a journey through using all of the elements in every experience.

It fuses Yin Yoga, Breath-work, Free Movement & Shaking, Primal sounding, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, & Meditation, all to beautiful deeply connected soul-full music that helps to assist you to feel deeply into your whole body/mind field on that journey.


The 3 day (25hr) course is open to existing yoga teachers and fitness/dance teachers in the wellness and fitness industry that have existing knowledge of anatomy and experience of teaching classes or 121's. Anyone who wants to add more somatic experiencing and how to hold trauma informed space into their offerings.


You will learn how to hold a trauma informed space, how to use the elements to sequence and the connection to our physical body as well as the energetics and meridians.

You will learn how to use music as a huge part in somatic experiencing and why it holds such an important piece to this practice.

You will also learn about the fascial web system, through two sides of the spectrum; using dynamic vinyasa and yin techniques.

Why we use shaking and free movement to access stuck energy or trauma within the body.

You will learn why we use primal sounding and breath.

You will learn how to integrate the elements both physically and energetically within the practice and how to hold people safely if they get an emotional release in this practice.

There will be anatomy and nervous system knowledge in this training alongside info and research on stuck trauma within the body and how we can self enquire the body and mind together as they work simultaneously.

You will learn creative sequencing and how to integrate the elements here whilst also using some dynamic movement within the postures to create more stability and the benefits of challenging the neurological pathways of the body to brain.

You will also get access to playlists and how we use music as such a huge part of this practice and why it is also extremely important for brain function and for moving stuck energy and the intelligence of play.

The First Course will launch on the weekend of Sept 27th-29th in North Finchley London

If you are interested please sign up below to the mailing list to be a part of this new movement!

 Please also feel free to email me any queries or questions

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