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My name is Sara Fakih and I am based back in the UK and the founder of 

Sambaddha Yoga & Movement.

I offer online based yoga. As well as classes in North & North West London.

 Sambaddha means connection and was birthed for my beautiful signature class which is a fusion of:

Yin, breath-work, dance movement, mandala vinyasa, meditation & affirmation.

It is also a community of retreats, events and an online group.

You can practice with me online with Breath Studio TV

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You can join all the Live and On Demand classes we have on there and even join us in Ibiza when we travel on retreat!

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A bit about me

I am over 800hrs RYT and 200 E-RYT trained Yoga Teacher, a Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Buti Yoga Master Trainer for the UK and Europe and now for the Middle East, I am also an embodiment coach and the creator of Soul-full Dance which is my own dance practice.

I have been teaching fitness, dance, one to one and group classes for over 10 years & I have enjoyed every challenging road the journey has taken me down. I have a background in dance which will show through my teachings. 

I am fully qualified in Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Mandala Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Buti yoga (a Fusion of Power Vinyasa/Dynamic Asana, Cardio Intensive Bursts, Primal & Tribal Movement) and Deep (by Buti).

Back in London I have worked with some of the top Gyms and Boutique Studios and taught for some of the UK's largest fitness events.

I was one of the first instructors when Another Space London opened up in 2016.

I was lastly head hunted to head up the Yoga department at the newest Boutique Studio in London in January 2019 in Westfields London before my move to Doha, Qatar where I opened a studio which sadly closed due to the pandemic and I moved back to London.


Yoga is one of my main loves & it changed my life dramatically. I battled very bad depression and extremely low self esteem in my late teens through to my 20's and yoga has been a huge factor in helping to bring more awareness to my physical, mental and emotional self.

I have also recently gone through another extremely challenging time in my life with my move to Doha, a messy breakup, a loss of a business & then trying to navigate through all of that as I moved back in the middle of a pandemic.

Through every struggle there are so many gifts even we cannot see them at the time.

I am really interested in trauma informed work now & using my own embodiment practices that have really really helped me in the lowest time of my life.

It is a blessing to be able to share the benefits that I have found through Yoga and Embodiment practices and my intention is to get many more people to at least try Yoga or Dance to open their mind to how it connects you and gets you to feel more. We are a society that has been taught to numb feelings and this is where mental and physical health issues stem from. There are many different types of practices for what personally suits you at different times in your life.

My passion is embodied connection through movement & music and I love to combine the two in whatever class I teach. Music is so important as it can take you on a journey and is a huge part of what I do; my intention when teaching is to always take you through a journey; for you are your own healer.

I have a huge passion for Sound Healing and I believe that sound is hugely underestimated when it comes to healing the body through sound vibration.

I always incorporate Sound Healing within my classes with my Tibetan Bowls. I have also been helping people to journey deep through sound by an elemental sound healing; this is through the use of my Tibetan Bowls, shamanic drum, wind chimes, a gong & a few other instruments. The vibrations help to relax and heal the body and the mind as well as allowing you to truly surrender, to switch off and release any stress, anxiety and emotions to bring you to a place of peace.

Embodied dance is a form of Yoga for me and I believe its a huge part of our medicine; it truly helps you to break down barriers, to let go, to connect to others and noticing the resistance and blocks that come up.

If you really resist to dance I can usually guarantee that you need it

My Soul-full dance class was created with that intention in mind.

I use Dancehall and Tribal movement as a basis to really get into your body. We dance bare foot with a healing intention; we learn a choreography to help us let go & then we move into free dance.

Find all these classes in MY SCHEDULE below...

I strongly believes in CONNECTION and this is how

Sambaddha was created.

Connection back to yourself and connection back to others.

Helping people find balance in their lives; you can train hard but you need to find that balance to not continually run on auto pilot, to truly listen to your body & connect back to it by using your breath and mindful movement.

We've been taught to seek externally in everything even how we look and value ourselves is external.

Connection runs so deep on so many levels & I feel the majority of the human race have a lot of work to do to really connect back to themselves on a deeper level. It's time to take your power back.

 And with that I believe that we need to empower, help others, and have others help us on our journey; we need to break the cycle of shaming each other and rise together.

Everyone teaches us something.




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Online Class Schedule


Payment Options:








8-9pm UK



10-11am UK


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Buti Yoga

“A cure that has been hidden or kept secret” - This is the meaning of Buti; it is an Indian Marathi word & it was initially used in reference to Ayurvedic herbs; ‘jadi buti’.

Buti Yoga is a fusion of Power Vinyasa/dynamic asana, Kundalini movements, Primal Movement, Cardio Intensive bursts, intentional shaking and Tribal Dance movement.


Music guides our classes like an internal GPS - no more 8 counts or reps.  The beat blended movement forces you out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY. It is in THIS magical place that you integrate your human experience instead of escape it.  All formats incorporate elements of shaking + vibration to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganization. 

Women & Men are societally taught to seek external validation or ways to heal themselves. We believe the only true cure comes from within.

The practice of Buti Yoga helps us all strip away the layers that hide this cure & bring about total transformation. The power to heal is within u. This practice creates a grounded environment & energetic space to send off a beacon to all human beings that this is the MOVEMENT OF WE. All human beings included -  no gender, no groupthink identity - just humanity moving together setting their sights on a new future that shatters any old paradigm of separation. This practice helps to unleash unshakable confidence & bond with others instead of competing & comparing! 

BUTI YOGA classes utilize spiral structure technique® to facilitate the release + toning of the body - physical, emotional and energetic. Through primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints, students breakdown the emotional barriers that hold them back from achieving self-love and true human connection. 

The spiralling movements help to contract deeply into your inner and outer core unit allowing u to connect to your core correctly. We can awaken kundalini the concentration of shakti feminine energy (we all have this energy; women & men) responsible for creation & as the energy rises up the central channel it merges with shiva energy responsible for destruction & transformation. When the two mix one can have a kundalini awakening experience.

This also helps us energise the body and generate heat in the core to protect the spine whilst also helping to cleanse and stimulate the endocrine system. All our energy centres; our chakras spiral so we work very energetically in class. I find more people get emotional and energetic releases in Buti from this awakening.

Buti yoga is a practice that unites mind & body. It is committed to the creation of empowered women & men who support one another in their pursuit of health & happiness. Drawing on primal energy & movement to nuture our bodies & thrive. We are a tribe; a tribe that sees great value in reflecting on our past to create bonds to build our future.



How Soul-full dance came about:

I co-founded Mash It Up Fitness with a friend years ago.

I fell in love with dancehall and since then I've been on a whole journey through yoga, breath, self-discovery, healing trauma; ptsd, shame & guilt; plant medicine, shamanic practices. 

Its within my own healing journey I realised how much dance has helped me to heal and what a huge importance it has in our journey back to self and that it is a huge embodiment practice that teaches us a lot and can show us a lot in what comes up through our dance practice and breath work whilst we are in the dance.

So using dancehall as a basis we move repetitively to learn a basic choreography but for you to really get out of your head and into your body organically and to bring about so much awareness to when you want to jump back into your body or if you don't feel safe in your own body.

Dance has been one of the biggest healing modalities for me in my own embodiment practices.

Below is a video of me teaching in Pineapple Studios, Danceworks & Gymbox, which is where my journey of teaching other teachers within this dance style started and now has evolved into much more of a healing modality for me.




I am so incredibly lucky to be a part of the team for such an amazing event in Ibiza with Yoga Fit Retreats and just came back from the most magical one so far!

The next one is in October 2022. DON'T MISS OUT!

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You need to experience what is on offer here and feel the energy from this magical Island. There is so much to offer from healing treatments to workshops to classes of so many options from many different influential and inspiring instructors and excursions of your choice!


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Kids are welcome to this resort too so you could make it a family holiday!



I am so grateful for my teachers.

I have trained with who I believe to be the best.

Both are very different in their teachings but they have been the biggest inspirations and have helped me to find my own passion in what I want to teach. We learn more and more as we delve into our own practice with what resonates with us.


I am firstly going to start with "The Yoga People" - Jamie & Dulce.

They have changed my life & that is no exaggeration.

Some of the best teachers in London have trained with these two amazing souls.

My 200hrs was the hardest thing I have ever done. The reason for that was I had to really face myself without any distractions which led me to many realisations about my relationship with myself.

The practice I have learnt was deep; they stripped you down to the core yet it was so refreshing shedding some of those layers and starting my real true journey of self realisation.

The training was deeper than I ever expected and I am so thankful for them. 

They are my family and everyone I have met through them or trained through them I feel are my family too. It's this unsaid understanding; we get each other; we know what we've been through and what we continue to go through but just with more awareness now. The journey will truly get you to start doing the work.

I will continue to do trainings with them as they are strong but soft, raw and deep; they truly satisfy my soul and their courses are one of the most healing things I have ever encountered. They are full with so much knowledge of both the physical and the spiritual side, which to me is so important.

The Yoga People started my journey of self realisation but I have to dedicate my yoga journey to one special lady "Bizzie Gold", I was doing yoga here and there but Bizzie introduced me to Buti Yoga which started the domino affect of my yoga journey and I have not looked back.

The more I learn, the more I learn about myself and what resonates with me the more Bizzie speaks to my soul! I feel like her mission is very much in line with mine before I even knew what mine was!

Buti to me is medicine and I cannot get enought of it. The fact there is so much spirituality linked to this practice too in terms of movement methodology linking to chakra awakening is just genius. As well as the newer practice of DEEP by Buti which can help unlock so much stagnant energy and stored trauma in the lower three chakras as well giving you a connection back to you pelvic floor and core unit.

The dance aspect in Buti resonates to my soul so strongly. This is where we need to understand that dance helps us to also let go too. We need to truly get unstuck form where we are and to shift that stuck energy and let it all go. 

You have to get uncomfortable to see change.



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